* If your Chalk Paint® seems to be drying too fast,

wet brush or spritz with a small amount of water.

This will extend the drying time and smooth out brush strokes.

This will also make your paint go even farther.

* If you like the distressed look, you can wipe

the edges with a damp cloth before waxing.

Rub off the paint just where it would occur naturally

through everyday use.

* If you want an antiqued or aged look, you can apply

the Dark Wax over the Clear Wax and buff.

Applying the Dark Wax directly on the Chalk Paint

will dramatically darken your piece.

* If after you have applied the Dark wax over the Clear Wax

and find it too dark, apply a small amount of

Clear Wax and wipe off the Dark Wax.

* If you change your mind on the color you have chosen

you can paint directly over your piece!!!

(Even after waxing!!)